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Kids Circus with Hippo


Hippo and her friends decided to play a kids circus. It's so funny and exciting!What a great idea to play in the circus, Mommy Hippo found necessary items without which it would be impossible to make the present submission. To do this, a lot of things do not need. Apportion the items that may be needed for the performance. When you cope with these easy task - you can start playing! The game will have a lot of favorite characters Hippo and her friends.
You can choice whose performances you want see: Dog, Elephant, Raccoon or Giraffe. And even take part in the presentation!
Elephant can juggle balls, help her catch a 3 ball, and then she will be able to show their performance. Dog - Strongmen can lift heavy objects are different, try to give him some object. All kids love to look like a circus act funny clowns! Giraffe - The Clown can entertain with the help of different objects that are on the scene, try to give him different things and see what he will do with it. Raccoon - Make-Up Artist, she can decorate anyone, it is so much fun, choose your character and try on a variety of subjects and you have a happy clown. And what will make Hippo? It will be the inspector of the kids circus (Shprehshtalmeyster), it is the most important thing!
Kids Circus this is a clown who amuses children and jugglers and athletes that hit his strength.
Enjoy new game with Hippo!!!